Personalize Your Greeting Cards For Christmas

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Christmas is coming and that means its time to revive the ancient art of snail mail.

There is something magical about getting snail mail, and a hand written card from friends and family. Letter writing is a bit of a lost art – so Christmas cards help let the ones you love know you are thinking of them.

Even if you will not see them at Christmas.

The trouble is shopping for Greeting cards can be a bit hit and miss.

So why not combine your favorite family shot (or even bust out the Christmas jumpers) and make your own Christmas cards.

We have Kiosks instore that allow you to make your own customized greeting cards.

This saves you the time (and money) printing out photos of the family or kids to post out, because they become the card.

You can also make some really cool customization so this years cards are one of a kind.

It is really easy to do – all you need is:

  • The photo’s you want to add (on your tablet, phone or USB)
  • The system will prompt you on the rest.

What do you need to know:

  • Your cards will be printed on the one side of 300 GSM Card stock with an envelope included.
  • You can print a single card or a 20 pack.

Pro Tip – Now my mother tells me that you should start scrawling and send your greeting cards out by the 25th of November so people can enjoy them for the month of December. If you send them to close to Christmas they will not get as much time to enjoy them. Make sure you order them in November so they are ready in time for Christmas.

How do I create my personalized Christmas Cards?

Come and use one of our super easy photo kiosk in-store. They are easy to use and will walk you through the steps. You can upload your photos in seconds and make something that is truly unique that they will love.

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