How to take the perfect passport photo

When it comes to your passport photo sadly a selfie will just not do.

When your planning a trip the last thing you want is your paperwork getting rejected – so it is best to choose a photo you know will tick all the boxes when it comes to getting your passport approved.



Here at Photo & Digital Ltd. we take passport photos for a livingĀ and we also have a clever tool in store that let’s us scan your photo while you are in store to make sure it will be accepted.




Here are our top tips for taking the perfect passport photo:

  1. For the ladies – Wear natural looking makeup… no one wants lip liner or blue eye shadow haunting them every time they travel for the next 10 years.
  2. Got dark circles? Dot some concealer lighter than your skintone with a yellow base with your index finger gentley patting along the dark line and blending the color under your eye lid.
  3. Dye your regrowth (Sadly I made the mistake of not doing this in my drivers licence photo and I look like I am going grey)
  4. Keep you hair off your face – Tuck it behind your ears or better yet tie it back.
  5. Avoid wearing trendy items that will date
  6. Take off any thick rimmed glasses
  7. Take off any head gear, hats, scarfs etc. Unless its for religious of medical reasons.
  8. Take the image within 6 months of applying for your passport (this is a rule on the passport form you fill in)



If you are based in Christchurch and in need of a passport photo come and see us or read more about our passport photos services here…

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