Capsule Wardrobes For Killer Travel Photos


If you are anything like me, when you go on holiday it is about the only time you ever have your photo taken. So it is important to look your best.

Part of doing that can be planning outfits that mix and match so you can ensure you look fabulous (or dapper) for every occasion… without having to cart the kitchen sink with you. I tried this recently on a trip to central and america and the best thing was it meant my pack was considerably lighter for pre planning!


  • Never pack a top of bottom that does not go with other items in your bag. If you can only make one outfit… It’s gotta go!
  • Only take shoes you can walk in, your feet often sweat in warmer climates, and you end up walking to explore the area you are in, so uncomfortable shoes will not do. Also allow for the swelling that can come with long haul flights as this can leave your shoes feeling uncomfortable.
  • Cut down on makeup you probably don’t need a foundation if you are using BB cream and powder all ready, or reach for a tinted sunscreen and kill two birds with one stone.
  • Take Packing cubes – they make life MUCH EASIER


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