3 Reasons Why Photo Restorations Make A Great Gift

camera-514992_1280We all have piles of photos of loved ones long since past… there is something so nice about feeling the paper, and seeing the classic black and white film.

I feel like the photos of old are so much more valuable, back then our grand parents and great grand parents were not taking selfies 24/7 which makes the few photos we have of them all the more special.

The trouble is that time can fade an age these photos, do its a good idea to digitise them (in case anything every happens) and keep them alive for generations to come.

It is for this reason we think photo Restoration is the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything. They probably wouldn’t think to do it themselves… but when you surprise them with a fresh new twist on these memories you will really make their day … or even bring a tear to their eye.

An important point in all this is the fact that when you use labs like Photo & Digital, they return the new restored photo to you printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper with an estimated life span of 100 years.

Photo restoration started in the early 1990 where Photo & Digital were one the of first to be using this then new technology and have been specialising in it eversince.

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